Chicken Wing Incident Overshadows Pelicans’ Victory at Kings’ Home

The Pelicans’ victory at the Kings’ home had a somewhat bizarre ending. With 46 seconds left in the match and with the visitor’s victory more than certain, someone from the public decided to throw a chicken wing onto the court, a mishap that had to be remedied immediately.

Although television images did not capture the wing on the court, Kevin Harlan, star NBA commentator, was able to identify the “crispy, hot” food.

Maybe the purpose of the chicken wing was Zion Williamsona possibility that cannot be ruled out due to the constant weight problems of the Pelicans star… and because of the great game he played, since his 31 points were key to the Pelicans’ victory and surely did not sit well with Kings fans.

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2024-04-12 06:07:14
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