Chemnitz Niners Victorious Against Tigers Tübingen, Löwen Braunschweig Continue Dream of Play-Ins

Clearly for the favorite!

The Chemnitz Niners win in the Easycredit Basketball Bundesliga against bottom-placed Tigers Tübingen, picking up an important victory in the head-to-head race with FC Bayern at the top of the table. The Löwen Braunschweig can continue to dream of the play-ins after their win against Crailsheim.

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Chemnitz Niners — Tigers Tübingen 113:82

THE scene of the game after two minutes and 20 seconds in the first quarter: Chemnitz star DeAndre Lansdowne rushes to the basket and is stopped by a foul. Suddenly he bends to the ground. What’s going on here?

Dyn commentator Florian Pertsch is astonished: “Did he lose a contact lens or what did he just pick up? We’ll take another look! He drops something. And then he picks it up. Yes! The contact lens!”

A close-up first shows the basketball star saving his contact lenses under the basket – and then how the American quickly puts the lens back in!

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TV man Pertsch laughed: “Only people who wear contact lenses feel that. The ground is pretty dusty! Yes, it’s fun to put them back in. Hopefully they were soft contact lenses. But everyone who’s in the contact lens game knows exactly what it’s like to have sweaty hands from the dirty hall floor, dirty in quotes, then push the sums back into your eye! Something really nice!”

Lansdowne is blind for a moment, but then sees things again. With the score at halftime at 52:41, he said to Dyn: “I liked our activity in the first half. But we caused too many free throws. We have to be better one-on-one and keep them away from the free throw line.”

The third quarter starts late. The hall clock is broken. Commentator Pertsch jokes: “The mouse mafia is behind it.” Five minutes and 29 seconds before the end, the Niners break the 100-point barrier.

The victory gives Chemnitz tailwind for the first final on Wednesday in the FIBA ​​Europe Cup against Bahcesehir College (Turkey).

Fuss about BBL club HamburgTV proves the coach’s command to swallow!

Quelle: DYN09.04.2024

Löwen Braunschweig — HAKRO Merlins Crailsheim 98:88

After five games without a win in a row (currently the longest negative streak in the league), the Braunschweigers finally get another win – against, of all people, Crailsheim, who have recently been playing furiously (won two of the last three games).

The best Lion thrower is Jilson Bango with 22 points.

The bankruptcy is a severe setback in the relegation battle for the Merlins.

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