Charleroi takes the golden three-point against Kortrijk thanks to Dari’s goal in minute 94

KV KortrijkCharleroi

  • 11′ – Verv. Jeremy Petris door Zan Rogelj
  • 32′ – Yellow – Etienne Camara
  • 45+2′ – Goal – Isaak Davies (1 – 0)
  • 54′ – Goal – Antoine Bernier (1 – 1)
  • 63′ – Verv. Felipe Avenatti door Thierry Ambrose
  • 68′ – Verv. Oday Dabbagh by Youssuf Sylla
  • 73′ – Verv. Mounaim El Idrissy door Sheyi Ojo
  • 73′ – Verv. Marco Kana chooses Haruya Fujii
  • 79′ – Verv. Antoine Bernier door Youssouph Badji
  • 79′ – Verv. Etienne Camara by Ryota Morioka
  • 86′ – Cont. Abdelkahar Kadri by Massimo Bruno
  • 86′ – Verv. Abdoulaye Sissako door to Jonathan Afolabi
  • 90+4′ – Goal – Achraf Dari (1 – 2)
  • Jupiler Pro League – matchday 2 – 14/04/24 – 16:02



    Isaac Davies


    Isaac Davies

    1 – 0


    Antoine Bernier

    1 – 1

    Antoine Bernier



    Achraf From

    1 – 2

    Achraf From


    Big step towards preservation for Charleroi. The relegation clash against Kortrijk seemed to end in a draw for a long time, but in minute 94 the visitors struck. Dari headed the Carolos on a corner to a golden three-pointer.

    Kortrijk-Charleroi in short:

    • Key moment: The match seems to end 1-1, but in the 94th minute we still get a winner thanks to Achraf Dari. His header goal gives Charleroi a 6-point bonus in the Relegation Play-offs.
    • Man of the Match: On the left, Parfait Guiagon was the most dangerous Zebra. He regularly caused the Kortrijk defense problems with one of his flashes.

    Top scorer Davies does not miss from close range

    The basement match between KVK and Charleroi had little to do in the sunny Guldenspoorstadion. It took a while until an opportunity worthy of that name came along.

    Dabbagh and Pirard tried to surprise Pirard, but KV Kortrijk’s final piece failed to materialise. Daan Heymans was also dangerous twice, but could not get the ball into the goal.

    Just before half time it was the prize on the other side. Davies was completely forgotten at the far post and took full advantage to push KVK into the lead from close range.

    Charleroi goes all out

    After coffee, the visitors took control of the match. It took barely ten minutes before that urge to move forward was rewarded. This time the Kortrijk defense forgot Bernier in the box.

    After the 1-1 Charleroi smelled blood. Hervé Koffi first caused a scolding for his own goal, but after that the visitors remained in charge without really being dangerous.

    Only deep into the added time did Charleroi get what it deserved. It was Dari who gave Rik De Mil his first victory as coach of Charleroi with a striking header. With a bonus of 6 points over first pursuer RWDM, things look good for the Hainaut team.

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    • Rik De Mil (coach Charleroi): “I am very proud of my players. When I came here, I found a lot of doubts and a group that consisted of individuals with a lot of talent. That we still turned things around in the second half shows that we have become a real group. I also think the victory is deserved. There is still a lot to improve, but we are certainly not there yet, because things can still change quickly.”

    Phase by phase

    6 score the!

    It’s over in Kortrijk. Charleroi does an excellent job by winning 1-2 and thus has a comfortable bonus of 6 points over first pursuer RWDM. Kortrijk remains last in the Relegation Play-offs.

    Charleroi in the lead!

    Charleroi’s persistent pressure also resulted in a winning goal. It is Dari who brilliantly nods the 1-2 against the ropes on behalf of Zorgane.

    Double chance for Charleroi

    On the counter Charleroi created two more chances in quick succession. First Bernier heads onto the roof of the goal and not much later Guiagon’s shot is blocked.

    5 – extra time

    An extra 5 minutes will be added.

    Five minutes of added time will be added. Is anyone else pulling the sheet towards them?

    The end of this match is in sight and it has been a while since Kortrijk came close to Koffi.

    With Bruno and Afolabi, Alexandersson brings his last trump cards. If it remains 1-1, that is especially a good thing for Charleroi.

    Blood on Dari

    Much against the wishes of the Kortrijk audience, Dari lay down. After the necessary patching up, Charleroi’s central defender can continue.

    Will the competition end or will we still have a winner?

    Take out Ambrose

    Kortrijk’s substitutes show up. Now it is Ambrose who is printing from a distance, his sights are not properly adjusted.

    De Mil absolutely wants to win this match. With Badji and Morioka he brings a lot of quality between the lines for the end of the match.

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