Carlos Alcaraz Speaks Ahead of Defending his Title at Mutua Madrid Open with Caution and Optimism

Carlos Alcaraz: “I don’t want to have problems with myself”

The player from Murcia, who defends his title at the Mutua Madrid Open, spoke to the press during the Media Day.

A few days before defending his title on the clay of Caja Mágica, Carlos Alcaraz (20) said that he felt good physically and that he and his team were optimistic about his participation in the Spanish capital. However, he preferred to remain cautious when it comes to ensuring that he is 100%.

Coming into play: “There’s still a little time left before my first match. Today I trained with a little more intensity and everything went well. I feel good. I don’t want to rush, I don’t want to put myself in trouble by saying I’m going to play 100% and I’m going to win, because I don’t know and I don’t want to take anything for granted With the feeling I have today. , if I play three or four matches at a good level, I will be happy.”

The favorites: “Ruud, Tsisipas and Sinner are currently the opponents to beat”.

Absences in Monte-Carlo and Barcelona: “I love competition and every time I miss a competition it hurts. Obviously being at home to recover is a difficult feeling for me, as is missing Monte-Carlo and Barcelona, ​​which are two very good tournaments Barcelona, ​​in particular I really like this tournament and it hurt me a lot. I am someone who always looks for the positive. try to turn things around.”

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