Carletto’s Calm Confidence: A Victory that Tastes Like a Title

Satisfied and in good spirits. This is how Ancelotti entered the Son Moix press room. Vinicius entered the field in the final stretch and whistles sounded. He didn’t surprise Carletto. He smiled and replied: “It was known that it was a special environment for him. But when he came in he was dangerous, he confronted, he was fresh… The whistles are normal. The whistles are success.” He, too, did not abandon his sarcastic tone when he was asked, with some sarcasm, if Rüdiger would play in the second leg against City (last year, after drying up Haaland, he did not): “I’m writing this one down. Yes, he is going to play in the second leg.” He made light of Brahim’s mistake: “He missed an incredible goal, but he had a spectacular game.”

Press conference

Is it a victory that tastes like a title?

The game was as we expected. Mallorca always has a lot of commitment. In the first half we didn’t do well, very slow. In the second part much better. It is a very important victory that brings us closer to the title. We have a good streak and now let’s think about Wednesday. We have time to recover.

How much does Tchouameni’s loss hurt for Wednesday?

Yes, he played very well. In his favorite position. He stands out a lot on a defensive level, because he has a lot of presence. The presence of a tall pivot was important in that sense, because they hang a lot of balls to Muriqi. Rüdiger and Nacho have also helped.

Was it difficult to convince that this was the game and not Wednesday’s?

No. We know where we are. Every match is a final. The goal was today. We are very happy. Winning here is always complicated. In the second half we played at a very high level.

Is Militao’s doubt cleared up for City after coming out at the end and Nacho’s good game?

No, but it was a very demanding match. There was Muriqi and I preferred not to start with Militao. I wanted to give him more minutes in the second half, but the match was there. We put him in at the end to enhance the aerial game.

What went through your mind with the missed chances?

It usually happens that when you don’t score, you get punished. Luckily we have defended very well. We have barely given any opportunities. We have to avoid unnecessary losses because recovering the ball is difficult for us, like all teams.

Same points as the last League, 25 days without losing… Is this your best League?

The team has been very solid and continuous and in this sense, what we have done… We have not always played well, but we have always competed. This is the good thing. Everyone talks about quality, it’s true (smiles). We have a squad with a lot of quality, but the higher the quality, the more difficult it is to find commitment. Until now, we have searched for it.

Affectionate greeting between Ancelotti and Aguirre.Miquel A. BorrásEFE

Did you expect Vinicius to whistle? Do they motivate the Brazilian?

It was known that it was a special environment for him. But when he came in it was dangerous, he faced it, he was fresh… The whistles are normal. The whistles are success.

Is Rüdiger going to play the second leg against City?

Yes (laughs). I’ll write this one down. Rüdiger is going to play the return leg.

How does the team reach the Champions League?

I think we arrived well. I have not given rest due to a physical aspect. Everyone was fine. Only Rodrygo, who had a knock. He did not want what happened with Almería to happen. All those who have played less have fulfilled. Joselu, Brahim… Brahim missed an incredible goal, but he had a spectacular game. Modric very good too. We are not going to win the game physically, but through attitude. City is physically very strong.

What has been said with Javier Aguirre?

Nothing special. I have a lot of love and respect for him. He is a great coach. Speaking of commitment, there are not many teams that have more than Mallorca. This is the great work of your technician.

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