Cagliari-Juventus, Allegri: ‘In the first half I would have changed everyone, even myself’

Massimiliano’s analysis is very clear Allegri at the end of the match drawn against Cagliari 2-2 in comeback after a lackluster first half by his Juve: “It’s very simple to explain the first half, we took 7 restarts playing the ball too close and continuing to make mistakes – he says – With teams like Cagliari you have to fight, we needed to play a little longer, we made technical mistakes and lost the duels, if you don’t put yourself at the same level as these teams you struggle and Cagliari is a good team. We didn’t understand the match.” And more specifically: “They jumped on us, they ended up with cramps. From these matches you either come out with technique or you put a few balls on top and attack the depth – he continues – We are a team that can’t stay in the game and doesn’t run like the others. In the second half, they dropped and we played a better match. The fact is that you can’t leave these first half unless you’re lucky and it ends 0-0.”

“Champions? We’ll get there and in the Italian Cup we have to reach the final”

The Juventus coach is very critical but also aware of what his team needs to improve: “We continued to make mistakes, understanding the games is also growing. Here in Cagliari it is difficult to play also because the ball does not slide much on this pitch. If you want to grow and raise the level you have to understand the games. It’s a question of growth of a group of young people and you have to understand that you have to get your hands dirty sometimes. As long as they had a high pace we had to catch up in terms of the race, and also have a slightly dirtier and less beautiful race.” Alcaraz and Weah disappointed expectations a bit from the 1st minute: “In the first half I had to change them all, maybe me too. Luckily we got back on our feet in the second half, we haven’t won away from home for a long time. there was an opportunity to secure the Champions League but we need to get there with patiencewe see the glass as half full but the first half must serve as growth.” Now the Italian Cup: “We just have to go to the finalwe will find a Lazio team that will try to overturn it and if we play like in the first half today it will be tough.”

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