BVB jersey theft: This is how the story really went

At the Champions League game After the fuss about the BVB jersey being stolen: This is how the story really went

BVB professional Julian Brandt celebrates the 4-2 victory over Atlético Madrid

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After the win against Atlético Madrid, Julian Brandt gave his jersey to a BVB fan in a wheelchair, but another person apparently ripped the souvenir out of the recipient’s hand. A video of the scene went viral. Now the club has clarified the background.

The excitement surrounding the BVB jersey theft was initially huge on social media, but later it turned out that everything was completely different. The affected football fan provided clarification. After the 4-2 triumph over Atlético Madrid in the Champions League on Tuesday evening, BVB professional Julian Brandt gave his jersey to a wheelchair user. But a person standing right next to him apparently snatched it from the man, then was very happy and apparently walked away.

Many users on social media concluded from the scene that it must have been a brazen jersey theft and reacted with outrage online. Video of the incident has been viewed tens of thousands of times. Borussia Dortmund made it known that the club was investigating what happened and wanted to locate the wheelchair user in order to possibly compensate him.

Julian Brandt gives the all-clear

In the end it was obviously completely different – both fans are apparently a couple. “It’s actually not that bad because the wheelchair user contacted us and said, “That was my girlfriend.” They belonged together. “Accordingly, the jersey is in the right hands and hasn’t gotten away,” said Brandt on Wednesday the TV channel Sky in an interview also broadcast by BVB.

He only found out about it through teammates who showed him a video of the scene. The 27-year-old said that it wasn’t really clear to him in the immediate moment. It is “of course now a viral topic,” but “we can all calm down a bit,” added Brandt.

Both regularly follow BVB games

According to the wheelchair user’s statement, the woman has been his girlfriend for “eleven years.” “She only took the jersey because Julian Brandt didn’t come closer. It was a nice moment for us,” the long-time BVB fan told “Bild” on Wednesday.

Both fans therefore have season tickets for BVB games. “I’ve always just wanted a jersey after the game. We’re real BVB fans. I have everything from the club that you can buy. I’m very proud,” said the fan in a wheelchair. Maybe there will also be a Brandt jersey for his girlfriend. “From what I’ve noticed, they’re there more often and that’s why you still run into each other every now and then,” said Brandt.

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