Building Community Through Badminton: A Look Inside the UM Badminton Club

April 22, 2024 —

Come for the badminton and stay for the community. That’s the mentality co-president Jadon Khouv and the executive team of the badminton club, which plays on both UM’s Fort Garry and Bannatyne campusesare building.

“You start having these connections and they ultimately lead to friendships,” says Khouv. “It’s a very easy sport to meet people and socialize.”

Khouv says the sport is easy to get into and lends itself to meeting new people. Plus, he says the sport has an invisible language players develop during games.

“You sort of connect in a way even without really having to talk with them,” says Khouv. “That sort of nonverbal communication then builds itself into the socialization afterwards.”

The club welcomes anyone at any skill level, whether they’re practicing for fun or competitions. Khouv says one thing setting the group apart from others in the city is letting players of any skill level play against each other.

“People always want to play higher to improve their skills and to grow as a player,” says Khouv. “We encourage people to play amongst each other to try and build up the skill level of the club as a whole.”

Khouv says the ease of learning the basics allow for the sport to meet players where they’re at physically. He says allowing cross play between different skill levels helps bring players closer together in the community.

“You have players in their 50s, 60s and 70s playing and interacting with 18-year-olds, acting like they’ve known each other for so long,” says Khouv.

Khouv says the club and its 150 active members, including UM students and faculty and other community members, organize social events, like bowling, barbeques and March’s Umaido Mochi Donuts popup on campus, to build an inclusive community on and off the courts.

Khouv is looking forward to the upcoming season, which includes hosting an open tournament in June. He says the group is always excited for new players to join, whether experienced players or someone just starting for the first time.

The badminton club season starts Monday, April 29. For more information or to register, please contact UM badminton club.

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