Brawl Breaks Out in NBA Game between Dennis Schröder and Jalen Smith

Suddenly things get really wild.

Last night in the NBA, basketball world champion Dennis Schröder (30) played with the Brooklyn Nets against the Indiana Pacers. At 111:133 there was a dispute over our national team captain.

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What happened? In the middle of the third quarter, Schröder is on the attack, running towards the basket. During a duel, he hits his opponent in the face and tears his glasses off his face. Jalen Smith is so angry that he attacks Schröder, pushing him and yelling at him. A scuffle breaks out between the two, and Schröder and Smith have to be separated by teammates.

Bitter for Smith: He was thrown off the field because of a technical foul and was no longer allowed to take part in the rest of the game. Schröder was substituted shortly afterwards, meaning he scored seven points.

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Teammates get there quickly and keep Smith and Schröder away from each other

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Bitter for Schröder: Due to the defeat against the Pacers, our world champion and his Brooklyn Nets only have 29 wins in the NBA. This means they have virtually no chance of catching up with the Atlanta Hawks (35 wins) ahead of them in the remaining six games and getting into the playoffs.

Video evidence takes effect: Defense chief hits opponents in the face!

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