Brawl Between Two Families Erupts in Naples: Gunshots and Beatings Leave Five Injured

Naples, 22 April 2024 – Gunshots and beatings in the center of Afragola: one explodes brawl between two families a few steps from church crowded with children for baptisms just celebrated. A ‘Far West’ Sunday that happened yesterday in the Neapolitan area, five injured: three by i gun shots and two others beaten with one men and baseball. No one would be in danger of their lives.

Mayor Pannone: “It cannot be tolerated this absurd ease in having firearms.” The reasons for the fight are not clear, it is thought to be old disagreements between the two families. Here’s what happened yesterday Piazza Castello of Afragola.

The brawl: what happened

There was a fight first a baseball bat hits and then one shooting. The outcome of the brawl that broke out yesterday could have been more serious right in the center of Afragola, a populous municipality on the outskirts of Naples. It was the scene of the shooting piazza Castellor, area adjacent to the church of San Giorgio which at that time was full of families with children baptism celebrations just finished.

The police are investigating dynamic and moving of a story that still has unclear aspects. Everything happened around noonin Piazza Castello. It seems that two family groups, between whom there had been previous disagreements, had an argument in a bar. From words we quickly moved on to hands and then they are shots flew.

Five injured

According to what has been learned, they would be five injured. Three people were hit by gunshots: one at gamba and another atabdomen, the most serious. However, none of their lives were in danger. Two other people were instead injured due to the blows inflicted, including on the testafrom a baseball bat and other blunt instruments.

Several 118 ambulances, the state police and the carabinieri intervened on site. Some were found on the ground and seized unexploded shells and other shell casings. The toll of the shooting is heavy, even if – as the mayor, Antonio Pannone, clearly makes clear – it could have been a massacre.

The mayor: “It is not admissible”

“It is not admissible – thunders the mayor of Afragola, Antonio Pannone – that such episodes occur in a central square, a few tens of meters from a parish where the celebration is being celebrated Sunday massin which a large number of fellow citizens participate, in particular many families with childrenthe. This absurd ease in having firearms cannot be tolerated.”

The mayor explains that the administration is doing its best, with local police personnel and the help of “one of the best video surveillance systems in the Metropolitan City of Naples”.

The appeal to the prefect of Naples

The alarm: “But all this is not enough. The State needs to make its presence felt with the police. We have asked this in recent months and we keep repeating it”, adds Pannone.

The appeal is addressed in particular to prefect of NaplesMichele from Bari, who promptly responded by ordering “immediately theintensification of prevention services and control over the entire affected area” and announcing that he will soon hold a conference meeting of the provincial committee for public order and safety in Afragola.

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