Boca Juniors vs. River Plate: Ticket Sales and Preparations for the 2024 League Cup Quarterfinals at Kempes Stadium

Boca and River, hand in hand, for the quarterfinals of the 2024 League Cup. It is a fact. The Superclásico will turn the country around once again, with the special condiment that it will be a direct elimination match. It will be played on Sunday at 3:30 p.m. at the Mario Alberto Kempes Córdoba Stadium, which, although it raises some doubts due to its stadium, would arrive in good condition. So what do you know about ticket sales?

Tickets for Boca Juniors vs. River Plate: when they are sold and how to buy

The Professional League confirmed the venue for the Superclásico this Wednesday and on Thursday, April 18, all the details regarding the sale of tickets would be announced.

The organization of the contest would be in charge of distributing the bulk of the seats (there would be 25 thousand per side) for both Boca and River through the Deportick website, while the distribution of the few remaining tickets would be a matter that would depend on each club. .

River or Boca, one of the two will have more tickets available at the Kempes

This Wednesday afternoon, a key meeting between the people of the League and the Security of Córdoba defined how the distribution of the fans will be inside the Mario Alberto Kempes stadium.

The team whose turn it is to occupy the Gasparini stalls, the one on which the television cameras focus, would in principle have 3,000 more tickets. This is because the grandstand has 6,000 more seats than the other stalls (the one behind the substitute benches) is going to be reduced with the safety lungs, so there will be about 3,000 more tickets left.

Kempes, the headquarters of Boca – River that is in delicate conditions

The Superclásico will be at the Kempes, with Mendoza and La Plata out due to construction. Due to the capacity and facilities to host a match of this caliber, with both fans, it is an ideal scenario, but nevertheless the playing field is in very delicate conditions and it is not known if it will be optimal. This Wednesday they did an acknowledgment of how the work is progressing on the grass of the Córdoba stadium.

In recent weeks, those in charge of maintaining the field reseeded the playing field with grass seed for winter: they began the work after the duel between Talleres and Independiente Rivadavia (which was on April 6) and they even delayed until waiting for the decision of the Institute leadership, which finally played home in Alta Córdoba against Martín Demichelis’ team on the last date. Beyond the fact that it would arrive with just enough, they assure that it will not be a problem for Boca-River.

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