Bisbal Básquet is proclaimed EBA league champion after beating Mollet (60-57)

La Bisbal d’Empordà is partying and partying big. The team of Carlos Rofes has beaten Mollet, the chasing team for the league championship, in a very even match in the final moments. The duel has been decided thanks to the cold blood of Xevi Torrentscoring two free throws with very few seconds left to widen the gap to three points and force the visiting team to look for an outside shot in the final moments of the game.

In this way, Bisbal Básquet is the new champion of the EBA AC league group. From next week both teams will start preparing for the promotion phases Leb Plata to be contested from May 9 to 12.

The coach of Bisbal spoke about it a few minutes after the end of the match “We will change chips after the celebration, we will look at the things we did well and the things we didn’t do so well and then after that we will work on them to reach in the best possible shape for the ascent phases.”

2024-04-06 18:19:08
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