Bertans Completes Eighth NBA Season With Hornets After Trade From Thunder

Bertans has completed his eighth NBA season in his career. This season, in a total of 43 matches, he spent an average of 15.7 minutes on the court and scored 6.7 points (3p. 38%).

The Latvian basketball player started the season in the Oklahoma City “Thunder” team, who traded him to the Charlotte “Hornets” in the middle of the season, where his role increased.

As part of Thunder, Bertāns played in 15 games, played an average of 6.1 minutes and scored 2.9 points (3p. 41.7%).

On the other hand, the Latvian basketball player played 28 games for the Hornets, played an average of 20.8 minutes and scored 8.8 points (3pt. 37.5%).

“First of all, it was a pleasure to play basketball, which for the most part was also a pleasure, minus a couple of losses when we had a tough game schedule. I think we fought well,” Bertans said.

The 31-year-old Bertāns was one of the most experienced players in the “Hornets” this season. Only Seth Curry, who is 33 years old, is older than him. Head coach Steve Clifford pointed out that the young players can learn from Bertan.

“I’m not one to talk a lot. I’m more of a leader by example, taking care of my body, being ready and bringing energy. That’s the only thing we can control. Sometimes there are nights when shots don’t fall, sometimes they do, but you can also help the team in another way – with energy and following the instructions of the coaches,” said Bertāns.


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