Benjamin Balleret’s Unforgettable Match Against Roger Federer: A Headband and Terry Cuff as Souvenirs

A headband and a terry cuff. Such was the loot recovered by Benjamin Balleret, on April 20, 2006, at the end of the waking dream he had just experienced on his Monte-Carlo Central, in the round of 16, against the unsinkable world number 1 of the time, Roger Federer, winner 6-3, 6-2. Then only 351st in the ATP and coming from the qualifications, the Monegasque had just played, at home, the tournament of a lifetime, under the wide eyes of his 7-year-old brother, to whom he immediately entrusted the war chest that the Switzerland had agreed to give it to him.

2024-04-07 22:05:00
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