Bayern’s sports director: Max Eberl’s subtle criticism of Joshua Kimmich

Champions League Sports Director of Bayern

Max Eberl’s subtle criticism and Joshua Kimmich

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Is he going? Will he stay another year or will he leave Bayern in the summer? Joshua Kimmich leaves his future open

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Joshua Kimmich has been playing for FC Bayern since 2015. The leading player, whose contract expires in 2025, has left his future with Munich open. It is still unclear what will happen next for him. To the annoyance of Max Eberl, who criticized Kimmich for his behavior before the Arsenal game.

After the embarrassing performance in Heidenheim, FC Bayern goes into the quarter-finals of the Champions League as outsiders. Will Munich suffer the next crushing defeat at FC Arsenal (click here for the live ticker) or will Thomas Tuchel’s team pull off a surprise at the Premier League leaders?

If Bavaria’s sports director has his way, the Munich team has good cards in London. Max Eberl appealed to the team before the game. “Today is a day to pull yourself out of the swamp. It was told in detail and communicated in detail. It’s about building up a defensive barrier so as not to concede a goal. We’re still trying to get things done as best we can. We now have the chance against Arsenal,” said Eberl on “Amazon Prime”.

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At the same time, the 50-year-old defended his coach. Thomas Tuchel was powerless during the embarrassment in Heidenheim. “I attend the meetings. I notice how Thomas prepares the team. You can be the best coach in the world with the best tactics, but when goals like those from Tim Kleindienst, who can go past eight men, come in, then you are powerless. The team simply has to solve that,” said Eberl.

“You could also commit to the club you’ve been playing for for a long time.”

Part of the team in Heidenheim was Joshua Kimmich, who also started at right-back against Arsenal. The reporter asked Eberl one last question: “Joshua Kimmich only wants to decide about his future once the new coach has been chosen. Can you understand that?” Eberl thought for a moment and then made a subtle criticism of Kimmich, who sees himself as a leader. “You could also commit to the club you have been playing for for a long time. But I can understand why he wants to know who the new coach is,” said Eberl.

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Kimmich has been playing for Bayern since 2015. His contract expires in 2025 and it is not yet clear whether he will leave the club or extend the contract.


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