Bayern’s Coaching Carousel: From Nagelsmann to Tuchel to Ancelotti

Bayern and their constant coaching issue – it’s really getting crazier and crazier…

While manager Max Eberl (50) is thinking about bringing back Julian Nagelsmann (36), the coach who once embarrassed himself in the Champions League quarter-finals against small Villarreal, his successor, Thomas Tuchel (50), is also reaching his end at the end of the season It has already been decided again that the semi-finals in the Champions League will take place. The opponent in the semi-finals is Carlo Ancelotti (64), a coach whom Bayern had already fired.

You can’t make everything up.

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Bayern’s risky approach of holding on to Tuchel until the end of the season failed miserably in the Bundesliga, but was a complete success in Europe. It was also his victory against Arsenal, as the surprising formation with Mazraoui and Guerreiro on the left was a real hit. It was unusual that the coach took center stage in the dressing room celebration photo – but can you blame him for this satisfaction?

Thomas Tuchel (center) cheers with the Bayern stars

Photo: twitter/FCBayern

Imagine if he actually wins the pot. Is it conceivable that Bavaria will then change its mind again? No! And that’s right. Tuchel and his team function as a community of convenience in the Champions League. That speaks for the professionalism of everyone involved, but not for a new love relationship that has a future.

“Tactical masterpiece” Tuchel tricked Arsenal so brilliantly

Source: BILD18.04.2024

By the way: Rice, the absolute 100 million desired player, whom Tuchel had vehemently demanded for weeks as the “holding six” in the defensive midfield but didn’t get, was hardly seen at Arsenal. On the other hand, Munich’s winning goalscorer Kimmich, with whom Tuchel never warmed up and whom Eberl recently clumsily accused of a lack of commitment to FC Bayern, was outstanding – after all, he has been working for the club since 2015.

The fact is: Tuchel delivered in the Champions League. Kimmich and the team too. Now it’s up to Eberl to deliver by ending the coaching madness at FC Bayern and ensuring clarity as to who will be the new coach.

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