Atlético Nacional Player Oscar Perea’s Controversial Exit From Stadium After Loss

Atlético Nacional was eliminated from the Betplay 2024-I League after losing to Deportivo Pereira at the Atanasio Girardot. The purslane team did not have a good game and said goodbye to all possibilities.

Well, at the end of the game, a gesture was made that would have bothered the purslane squad by the young footballer, Óscar Perea.

And according to journalist Nicolás Sierra, the player after being substituted against Pereira did not stay to watch the rest of the game, but instead left the dressing room and left the stadium, leaving his teammates stranded.

For his part, communicator David Gutiérrez expanded the information and said that the locker room began to wonder about Perea and when they found out that he had left the stadium they began to call him, but he did not answer any of them.

However, Gutiérrez points out that when he finally answered Perea he was told that he would no longer be part of the main squad and that he should return to the U-20. Likewise, with what happened, the journalist mentioned that the player would be released and also indicated that Perea deleted all the photos referring to Nacional.

It is worth noting that Oscar Perea has not yet arranged his renewal with the Antioquia team due to a change in conditions of his representative and at the moment his continuity in the club is in doubt.

After the information about what happened, on social networks the green fans were outraged with the player’s actions after the game with Pereira.

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