Argentine Tennis Prodigy Falls in Debut Match at Challenger Tournament

In his debut in a tournament of the category, the Tucuman fell in three sets against Guido Justo.

The Lawn Tennis stands were packed this afternoon to see the debut of Maximum Zeitune in the Challenger tournament being held at the club this week. “Machi”, who is among the top 40 in the world junior rankings, received an invitation to play in the main draw of the tournament, making his debut on the ATP Challenger Tour.

After a great start, which allowed him to take the first set 6-4 against Guido Justo (551st in the ATP ranking), Zeitune could not keep up the pace, and ended up losing the remaining two sets, 3-6 and 0-6. Despite the defeat, a great experience for the man from Tucumán.

That match marked the closing of the first round of the singles draw, which had eight other Argentine victories: Renzo Olivo (7-5 6-2 to the Japanese Kaichi Uchida), Andrea Collarini (6-3 6-3 a Tomas Farjat), Bautistic Otegui (6-2 7-5 to the Bulgarian Leonid Sheyngezkhit), Mariano Kestelboim (6-3 6-1 to the Uruguayan Ignacio Carou), Valerio Aboian (6-3 6-3 to the Brazilian Pedro Boscardin Dias), Lorenzo Rodriguez (6-2 6-1 a Nikos Lehmann), Gonzalo Villanueva (7-6 6-3 a Alejo Lingua) y Bautista Vilicich (3-6, 6-2 and 6-3 to the Brazilian Bruno Fernandez).

Thus, there are 12 Argentines in the second round, an event that will begin tomorrow, with four games. At 11, on the center court, Genaro Olivieritop favorite, will face the Uruguayan Franco Roncadelli; and then, Vilicich and Lautaro Midón. On court two, in the first turn, they will play Hernan Casanova before the American Felix Corwinand then, the Turkish Ergi Kirkin and the Brazilian Daniel Dutra Da Silva.

Furthermore, on the center court, not before 3:00 p.m., “Machi” and his cousin, Gonzalo Zeitunethey will play in doubles against Tomas Farjat e Ignacio Monzón; That will be one of the seven doubles matches scheduled for tomorrow, after that competition began today, with the victory of the Australian Patrick Harper and the british David Stevenson7-6 6-3 over Kestelboim-Dutra Da Silva.

On the center court, after the Zeitune match, the Argentine duo Midón-Mateo Del Pinoagainst the Brazilian José Pereira and the Japanese Uchida. On court two, after the singles duels, the Americans will play Preston Brown and Felix Corwin, against the Uruguayan Carou and the Argentine Casanova, and then the Japanese Seita Watanabe y Takeru Yuzuki before Guido Justo and Ergi Kirkin.

On court 7, the action will begin at 11, with the duel between the brothers Valerio and Leonardo Aboian with the Israeli Roy Stepanov and the Colombian Andres Urrea. Next, Collarini and Olivo will play against another 100% Argentine couple, Ezequiel SimonitJulian Cundom; and in the third turn, the Uruguayan Roncadelli and the Brazilian Igor Gimenez They will face the Argentine Villanueva and the Brazilian Luis Britto.

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