Angels Nördlingen Basketball Club Facing Financial Crisis: Board Calls for Donations to Secure Bundesliga Future

The owners Angels Nördlingen continue to fear for their Bundesliga future. On Sunday, the board of directors of the basketball players renewed a call for donations. The team finished its 16th first division season in a row as fifth in the main round and cup finalist, but had already made financial problems public before they were eliminated in the playoff quarter-finals. Without at least 75,000 euros in addition, you can no longer apply for a license with the new requirements (requirements include two full-time employees for administration and youth training as well as an indoor floor on which only basketball lines can be seen) – neither for the first nor the second league. It is now said that two thirds of the sum has been raised, the squad is being worked on and the license documents have been collected – but the deadline for submitting them and thus providing proof of financing ends this Wednesday.

2024-04-07 14:46:45
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