Analyzing the Most Popular High School Baseball Players by Team Affiliation: 11th to 18th Place Rankings and Trends

What would happen if the results of high school baseball players’ “favorite professional baseball player” were divided into “by team affiliation” and ranked? Created based on “Senbatsu 2024 96th Invitational High School Baseball Tournament Complete Guide” (Weekly Baseball Special Spring Issue). What are the “team’s most popular players” from the 12 teams that we saw? *If one person names two or more players, each will be counted. Percentages are rounded to the second decimal place. Titles omitted (2nd of 3 episodes/1st and 3rd episodes also available now)


First, let’s take a look at 18th to 11th place (*The top two players from each team are listed. The number next to the team name is the total number of votes received. The number next to the ranking is last year’s results. Player positions are predictions for this season. Below same)

11th to 18th overall number of teams to which your favorite player belongs

●18 bits(↑Out of range):eastern league teams1 vote
1 vote Yodaiko (Oisix Niigata Albirex, outfielder)

●17 bits(↓16):major league alumnus5 votes
2 votes Yadier Molina

1 vote Andrelton Simmons, Barry Bonds, Cabrera (*1)

●15th place tie(↑16):No affiliates with overseas teams other than Major League Baseball6 votes
2 votes T. Bauer
1 vote Valentin, Y. Gracial, W. Rosario, Yoshitomo Tsutsugo

●15th place tie(=15):none6 votes

●14 bits(↓12):Nippon Ham10 votes
4 votesManpa Nakamasa(6th year, outfielder)
2 votes Taikai Ito (4th year, pitcher)

●13 digits(↓8):Hiroshima14 votes
4 votesShogo Akiyama(14th year, outfielder)
2 votes Ryosuke Kikuchi (13th year, second baseman), Kaito Kozono (6th year, shortstop), Shogo Sakakura (8th year, catcher), Hirosuke Tanaka (11th year, third baseman)

●12 bits(↓7):Rakuten17 votes
11 votesEito Asamura(16th year, third baseman)
3 votes Ryosuke Tatsumi (6th year, outfielder)

●11 digits(↑14):DeNA19 votes
8 votesMako Hidego(4th year, second baseman)
4 votes Shion Matsuo (2nd year, catcher)

Young players are popular… DeNA stands out

DeNA increased by 3 ranks. Rookie players also received votes, including Takateru Watarai with 3 votes and Ryoto Matsumoto with 1 vote. On the other hand, Rakuten and Hiroshima dropped 5 places. The transfers of Hiroki Matsui (Rakuten → Padres), who received 8 votes for second place on the team last year, and Ryoma Nishikawa (Hiroshima → Orix), who received 13 votes for first place on the team, have a lot to do with both. But that’s not all.

Masahiro Tanaka, who received 9 votes for Rakuten, and Daichi Osera, who received 6 votes for Hiroshima, both had 0 votes, which had a large impact. Tanaka has won by single digits for three years in a row, and Ryo Osera has won by single digits for two years in a row, probably because they have not been able to perform as an ace. This spring’s baseball players were born between April 2006 and March 2008, and have been familiar with Tanaka since he was young when he led Rakuten to number one in Japan with a record of 24 wins, 0 losses, and 1 save, and was active with the prestigious Yankees. The power pitching of Ryo Osera, one of the key players in Hiroshima’s three-peat victory, should also be memorable. If these two return this year, the number of votes will increase next year. Next, let’s take a look at 10th to 6th place.

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