An Ibizan native will be at the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games

The Ibizan table tennis delegation reported this Monday that Alejandro Díaz has managed to qualify to compete in the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games. After participating with the national team in different international qualifying events, the Ibizan player has won one of the places to represent Spain in the great Paralympic event this summer.

According to the federative entity in a statement, Álex Díaz claims to feel “proud of all the work” he has been doing in this process, “from thinking directly about the Los Angeles 2028 games to qualifying for the Paris games.” “Everything is crazy, proud of my evolution and what is still to come. Now, to train better than ever and enjoy this wonderful process, especially thank all the people who have trusted me more than ever,” he said. indicated the Ibizan table tennis player.

Meanwhile, José Ramírez, Álex Díaz’s coach since he was a child, also highlights the “pride” it is for him and for all of Ibiza table tennis to see one of his players “reach the top.” “Especially remembering the first time I saw Álex, who was in a wheelchair after having had surgery, but little by little I was able to see that he could reach wherever he wanted, so I can only congratulate him and all his traveling companions, and keep training hard, the path has just begun,” he points out.

2024-04-22 09:11:40
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