América de Cali’s Dominant Victory Impacts Millonarios and Atlético Nacional in the Betplay League Standings

América de Cali gave a concert of goals at home at Pascual Guerrero, where they beat Junior de Barranquilla 4-1. The result not only gave more oxygen to the scarlet team in the Betplay League, but also had a collateral effect: it kept Millonarios and Atlético Nacional away from qualifying for the final home runs.

This is because the so-called ‘big three’ had a difficult start to the year, as they accumulated several defeats that left them at the bottom of the table. However, in recent times they have begun to raise their heads and performed better.

For example, although Millonarios managed to complete seven dates without winning, in mid-March they had a recovery. He has two wins in a row and has now gone four games without losing. For now, it occupies ninth place in the standings and has 19 points with 15 games played.


On the Atlético Nacional side, the outlook in the standings is very similar, as they also have 19 points and 15 games. However, the purslane team is in tenth position due to goal difference. Although they had won three games in a row, on matchday 15 they suffered a painful defeat against Fortaleza, from Bogotá, which took them away from the classification.

The near future looks a little more encouraging for América, since it has already added 22 points and also has 15 games played. He has gone five consecutive dates without losing and, in addition, has won three games in a row.

Is there hope for Millonarios and Nacional?

The probability that the ambassadors and the purslanes will enter the top eight of the championship is not very high, but it still exists.

According to the Matics they have left.

Normally, we talk about a magic number, which refers to the number of points a team needs to enter the final home runs. According to Matics, the odds of that magic number being between 28 and 29 points add up to more than 56 percent.

In white silver, that means that Nacional and Millonarios must win at least three of the four games they have left to qualify. However, they also depend on the teams above them in the table to give them points and, with the victory of América de Cali, this possibility looks even more distant.

The next effort will be on date 16: América faces the classic against Deportivo Cali, Millonarios will face Deportivo Pasto and Nacional will face Independiente Santa Fe.

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