Alba Berlin Takes First Step Towards First German Championship With Win Over Rutronik Stars Keltern

The basketball players from Alba Berlin have taken a first step towards the first German championship in the club’s history. The Berliners won the first final game on Friday evening against defending champions Rutronik Stars Keltern with 69:49 (39:14). Alba now leads 1-0 in the best-of-five series. The second game will also take place in the capital on Sunday (2 p.m./ The best Berlin thrower was Laina Snyder with 16 points.

The Berliners initially had problems finding their rhythm and were 3:10 behind after around five minutes. But they then fought their way back into the game thanks to outstanding defensive work. This defense apparently impressed Keltern so much that the guests only managed a meager four points from this point until the half-time break. Alba overran the defending champions with a 36:4 run across the quarter and pulled ahead at halftime.

After the break, Keltern became much more committed and now Alba had problems on the offensive. At the beginning of the last quarter the lead had shrunk to ten points (48:38). But the hosts remained unimpressed. The final spurt was theirs again and it became clearer again at the end.

2024-04-19 19:15:43
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