Alba Berlin Fighting Through Adversity in Basketball Bundesliga

Berlin – Alba Berlin is currently running from win to win in the Basketball Bundesliga (BBL) – now twelve in a row. The team has actually been fighting for the last few weeks. A wave of illness was promptly followed by a misery of injuries. “The need is really gigantic. This is all on the last groove. We’ve now had three games where we didn’t actually know who to play with,” said manager Marco Baldi after the 98:92 home win against Bamberg Baskets on Sunday evening.

There were initially only nine professionals in the squad against Bamberg. Seven actors were missing – including many top performers. Later, three talents from the NBBL youth league joined us. They had even had a game before. For Baldi it is therefore clear: “Of course we need the players back if we want to stabilize everything here.”

Alba is currently managing to compensate for the failures with a lot of commitment and passion. And suddenly players like Kresimir Nikic and Tim Schneider, who were otherwise in the shadow of the top stars, come to the fore. Both achieved their personal BBL points records against Bamberg. “These are tough times right now. “We don’t currently have our main players at the start, so it’s time for other players to take a step forward,” said Schneider.

The fact that Alba has now climbed to second place in the league is currently only secondary. “We’re not really interested in that. We can’t afford to stumble anyway,” said Schneider. Especially since the Berliners still have to play seven games before the playoffs start in mid-May. “We can’t do anything other than just watch from game to game at the moment,” continued Schneider. The catch-up game at home against the Rostock Seawolves awaits on Wednesday (8 p.m./Dyn). It is still unclear which staff will be involved.

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