Ajax Falls Out of European Qualification Spots: Can They Recover in Play-Offs?

Ajax Falls Out of European Qualification Spots: Can They Recover in Play-Offs?

Valentijn Driessen takes seriously into account that Ajax will miss fifth place in the final weeks of the regular competition and will therefore have to ensure participation in European football in the coming season through the play-offs. The team from Amsterdam lost 6-0 to Feyenoord on Sunday afternoon and therefore lost fifth place to NEC, which was too strong for Vitesse earlier in the day with 0-3.

The formation of coach John van ‘t Schip could have done well last Thursday in the battle for fifth place, which, if Feyenoord wins the cup, entitles them to direct qualification for European football. NEC had lost expensive points to Fortuna Sittard two days earlier, allowing Ajax to increase its lead over the Nijmegen team to four points. However, that didn’t work. Ajax did not get further than a 1-1 draw at home against Go Ahead Eagles. Fifth place remained in Amsterdam’s possession for a few more days, but that changed on Sunday.

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NEC achieved a 0-3 victory in the Gelderland Derby without playing well and saw Ajax suffer a humiliating defeat against Feyenoord moments later. As a result, fifth place is currently in the hands of NEC, which now has one point more than Ajax. The Nijmegen team will still play the cup final against Feyenoord, but of course they want to finish as high as possible in the Eredivisie. “It could be even worse, that is if Ajax ends up in the play-offs,” says Driessen after the Classic in Rotterdam on the website of The Telegraph. “NEC has now gotten over it with the victory at Vitesse, so it is possible. Then comes the next problem. Ajax may then have to play a home match, if they then have sixth words.”

Because that is also the question. Ajax will play the next ‘topper’ next week, at home against FC Twente. The Amsterdammers will have to come from a very good background to finish at least sixth. “That is not even certain, if you know that FC Twente is coming to visit next week. But the Toppers are in the Amsterdam ArenA and I can very well imagine that Ajax fans would rather choose a concert by the Toppers than an Ajax match. This Ajax really hurts your eyes,” said Driessen.

Will Van ‘t Schip still manage to get his team up and running? “Brobbey will come back soon and with a bit of luck Steven Berghuis too,” Driessen tries to find something that Ajax can possibly hold on to. “And don’t forget: Jordan Henderson. He will one day come back for the much money he earns here. Maybe things will go a little better then. The opponents are not of the level of Feyenoord or PSV, then you will play against lesser opponents and you should eventually be able to recover. But this season we hope that you reach European football and start again from the bottom. It will take a few years before Ajax can play like Feyenoord did today.”

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