After another defeat, Jakarta Livin had problems competing for two days in a row

Friday, April 26 2024 – 23:17 WIB

Jakarta Livin Mandiri squad while competing in the 2024 Proliga event at GOR Amongrogo, Yogyakarta. Photo: Proliga Documentation, JAKARTA – The Jakarta Livin Mandiri women’s volleyball team has again swallowed the bitter pill in the 2024 Proliga after surrendering at the hands of Electric PLN.

Competing at GOR Amongrogo, Yogyakarta, Friday (26/4), the team coached by M. Ansori surrendered with a score of 0-3 (17-25, 17-25, 15-25).

In this match, the Livin Mandiri players looked tired after playing closely against Jakarta BIN.

In this match, it was recorded that Naysilla Wiedy Kirana and colleagues had to acknowledge the superiority of the team belonging to the intelligence agency with a score of 1-3 (20-25, 27-29, 25-21, 15-21).

It was proven that Pascalina Mahuze cum suis’ recovery was not very good with only Karsta Lowe (United States) playing well.

The foreign player from Uncle Sam’s country was recorded as finishing with 17 points in this match.

Livin Mandiri’s other foreign legion, namely Liu Yanhan, looked tired after only being able to add nine points in this match.

Jakarta Livin coach, M. Ansori hopes that his young players can adapt if they have to play two days in a row.

Jakarta Livin Mandiri again swallowed the bitter pill in Proliga 2024 after surrendering at the hands of Electric PLN, Friday (26/4)

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