Aeroméxico opens 14 new routes through nearshoring in Mexico – El Sol de México

Acapulco.- Grupo Aeroméxico will open 14 new routes during the first half of this year to meet the growing demand derived from the relocation of companies in the country, known as nearshoring.

The routes, international and local, will focus mainly on connecting Mexico with the United States, explained Giancarlo Mulinelli, senior vice president of Global Sales of the airline, within the framework of the Tianguis Turístico 2024.

Among those routes, he said, is a flight between Detroit, Michigan, and Querétaro, with which automotive industry executives will reduce their transfer from the so-called “world automobile capital” to the Mexican Bajío from 10 to four hours.

Routes also include flights between Atlanta with destinations such as Monterrey and Mérida, as well as from Mexico City to Boston.

Together with its partner Delta, Caballero Águila’s company plans to increase its operations between Mexico and the United States by 30 percent.

“We are very proud of what is happening between Mexico and the United States, what is happening due to nearshoring. We are seeing a strong demand for connectivity and, in this context, at Aeroméxico we are basically looking for these openings,” said Mulinelli.

2024-04-11 20:07:32
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