Aaron Rodgers’ Emotional Journey: From Fear of Career-Ending Injury to Return to Football

10 Apr, 2024, 8:25 PM ET

In a podcast interview, the quarterback revealed that he feared, “‘This is it. You’re not coming back from this injury,” after rupturing his Achilles tendon.

Reflecting on what he described as a “crazy year,” the quarterback of the New York Jets, Aaron Rodgersadmitted that dark thoughts occurred to him immediately after suffering the Achilles tendon injury on September 11 that ended his season. NFL.

“I was really thinking, ‘This is it. You don’t come back from this injury,'” he shared Rodgers40, in a two-hour interview for the “I Can Fly” podcast, which aired Tuesday.

Rodgers, who got stuck at one point, described a rollercoaster of emotions. He said that the exchange to the Jetsafter 18 seasons with the Green Bay Packers, restored his passion for American football. He described his debut with the Jets as one of the best moments of his career… and the worst.

Aaron Rodgers confessed that it was very difficult for him to ask for help when he was going through the most difficult moment of his sports career. EFE/EPA/CJ GUNTHER

His night began when he came out carrying the American flag during pregame introductions, which he described as “one of the highest moments in my sports career.” Minutes later, in the first possession of the Jets of the season, he was taken out with the help of medical assistance with an injury that ended his season.

“I had this incredible offseason experience in a new city, new place, new teammates, a new organization, and a first-time owner, and to really fall in love again with the game that I first fell in love with when I was five. years of age,” he said. “It was absolutely beautiful and special and deep and rich and delicious, and just incredible.

“And then one of the most heartbreaking nights of my life, when I played four plays. Talk about ego death.”

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Rodgers attempted to return before the end of the season – in fact, he trained on a limited basis – but his return was aborted when the Jets (7-10) were out of contention. Almost seven months after surgery, the four times Most valuable Player hopes to participate in organized team activities next month, according to the head coach Robert Saleh.

Reflecting on the day after his surgery, when he flew home to California with some close friends, Rodgers He became emotional and paused for a moment to compose himself. “I said, ‘I need help. This is going to be really hard. I just need all of you to be there for me on those hard days when I stop believing it’s possible,'” she said, recalling what she asked of her friends. “It’s hard to ask for help.”

By then, the “final day” scenario of never playing again had faded, he said. Rodgers, who focused on surgery and recovery. Looking back on what happened, he said he was grateful for the positive things that occurred.

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“No matter how s— it was — and it was the most heartbreaking thing that ever happened to me — all the miracles that happened along the way would never have happened,” he said, adding that “so much has changed” in his life over the years. of the past six months.

Rodgers He said he learned important lessons along the way, allowing him to become “a better version” of himself. Also, he mentioned the “incredible angels” who assisted him during rehab, everyone from his physical therapist to his chef.

Rodgerswho turns 41 in December, recently said he wants to play two to four more years.

“I’m excited about playing again,” he said. “I love playing. I fell in love with the game again and then they took it away from me after four plays. I miss being out there, I love competing.

Football is my happy place. It’s where I feel most in control of my athletic ability. I missed it last year, and I really missed it. My heart was broken. I’m excited to take the field once again and –it’s not life or death– [pero] go into battle with mine.”

For the first time, Rodgers admitted that he was a “finalist” to be the running mate of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for the 2024 presidential election. The owner of the Jets, Woody Johnsontouched on the subject on Monday, during an interview with Fox News.

“He’s returning to football 100 percent,” he said. Johnson. “He never left football. It was a momentary distraction, maybe like going to his darkroom or whatever. But, he’s back to 100 percent.”

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