A trans single and a crossdresser match on ‘First Dates’

“A dream come true”, “Crazy”…Luz couldn’t believe that she was on a television show being Luz and having a date with a trans woman, who had previously been like her as a crossdresser and that she understood her so well. They have met, they have loved each other and they have shown the world from ‘First Dates’ what their reality is.

Luz She assures that she has always lived under pressure and pushed by the decisions and opinions of others, but she is already tired and feels that now her time has come “that’s enough of stones, I want a little grass to walk on.” is defined as crossdresser (expressing yourself in another gender without it being related to gender identity or emotional orientation), a straight manwho likes women, but who likes to dress as a woman.

Luz does not want to be a man: “I love my masculinity”

He doesn’t want to stop being a man, but he loves the change of roles and the femininity he feels when he dresses as a woman. He has always had the feminine side of her and has been showing it much more for some time now. “I don’t bring it out every day, but when I bring it out, I love it.” Regarding the acceptance of her environment, Luz has told Carlos Sobera that very few people know about the existence of Luz, that she lives in a very small town and that she simply When she gets home, she puts on her wig and her pajamas, and she already feels happy..

Regarding his partners, he is clear that you have to have psychology and that when you see his first reaction he knows if he can talk about it a second time or not “I have had couples who have lived with my duality and we have gone together to buy a dress for New Year’s Eve”. Luz and the man who lives inside her like women and she is very clear that it is her only option.

Luz and Evelyn during their date on ‘First Dates’cuatro.com

Evelynher date, has always felt that there was something wrong with her body and has been attracted to dresses, makeup, “dressing like someone else” and now she says loud and clear “I am a very proud trans woman”. The date began with great sincerity and Evelyn told him that had been cross for a long timeor, but when she became a widow she decided to take the leap and change her body to feel comfortable within it.

Evelyn’s wife understood and supported her status as a woman: “She asked me to be myself.”

The dinner began by talking about Evelyn’s experience and explaining how he met his wife, and how she knew what his condition was.He encouraged me, he told me “be yourself.””. Regarding his daughter and his wife, he learned to live a double life. When his wife died and his daughter finished school, he decided to take the big step “that he should have taken many years ago.” He has even told her what it was like to tell his parents and the happiness he felt when they accepted him.I’ve spent my whole life in disguise”.

Luz during her date on ‘First Dates’cuatro.com

Continuing with the topic of the crossdresser, Luz has told him how complicated it is still for people to understand that he feels like a man and that At work it would be impossible to appear dressed as a woman because they are still very retrograde. Evelyn however, has told him that she is very, very happy, that works as an electrician and that in his company everyone has understood him and that they respect him a lot.

Luz is happy to show her reality to the world from her date on ‘First Dates’

Luz was happy to have met Evelyn and to be able to have such a free conversatione, and to be able to shout that they are here “although it scares me very much.” He has also told her about the boy who lives inside her and Evelyn wanted to meet him.”I think he is a very brave person”.

At the time of the final decision, both were delighted “It seemed like a dream come true, crazy” and they have said yes to a second date together “I find you very interesting, brave and of course we will have a second date.”


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