A huge triple from Laprovittola brings ecstasy to the Palau

He Palau Blaugrana This Thursday he experienced another night of magic that ended in the best possible way. A huge triple from Laprovittola with five seconds left uneventful battle before ethe mighty Maccabi (92-89). The victory mathematically secures the playoff for the Blaugranas, who also caress the court factor for the rooms. They will seal it if they win the last game in France against the Asvelthe penultimate classified.

I visited the Palau a ogre backed by its fantastic statistics. Maccabi accumulated 17 consecutive victories in all competitions with six wins in a row Euroleague and an average of 92.5 points scored in that streak.

Equality presided over the first quarter, which ended with a 19-19 score and the first glimpses of Baldwinthe MVP of the month of March. Jasiel Rivero, former center of Valencia and Burgos, grew in size in the area and the Israeli team achieved a 4-11 run that led to grimace to stop the bleeding (23-30, m. 13). Barça reacted and the duel was balanced again thanks to Da Silva and Abrineslethal from the triple, which allowed the locals to go ahead at halftime (44-43).

Three triples in a row from Parker

The best version of Barça came in the third quarter with the Jabari Parker explosion. The Chicago forward had not scored a single point until the 24th minute. Then he scored his first triple and made three in a row. Nine points in 79 seconds caused downtime Oded Katash (60-52, m. 25).

Baldwin reappeared to leave his team seven down at the end of the third quarter. The last act remained and the beginning could not have been worse. Four points followed by Maccabi and Grimau time with only 34 seconds disputed. It was of little use. Dibartolomeo joined the Israeli party and the yellow team turned the score around (75-76, m. 33).

Inspired Trident

Far from being intimidated, Barça clung to the trident formed by Vesely, Parker and Abrines to continue competing. A 7-0 run crowned by a triple from the Balearic guard brought ecstasy to the Palau (87-85, m. 37). The task remained to be finished and the crash entered into a russian roulette of errors and successes with the Palau delivered to his team.

Baldwin He took advantage of a loss by Satoransky to regain the tie (89-89) with 27 seconds remaining. It was the time of the heroes and there it rose Laprovittola to seal the victory with a huge triple that Baldwin could not counter.

FC Barcelona, ​​92; Maccabi Tel Aviv, 89

Barça: Satoransky (2), Laprovittola (15), Kalinic (4), Da Silva (10) and Vesely (17) -starting quintet-; Parker (14), Brizuela (-), Ricky Rubio (4), Willy Hernangómez (9), Abrines (17), Jokubaitis (-), Nnaji (-).

Maccabi: Brown (6), Baldwin (22), Colson (7), Cohen (-) and Nebo (14) – starting quintet-; Cleveland (6), Webb III (5), Sorkin (-), Bartholomew (12), Rivero (8), Blatt (9).

Partials: 19-19, 25-24, 26-20, 22-26.

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