A great goal from Messi and Suárez’s sense of smell brought a smile back to Inter Miami in Kansas to climb the MLS

Inter Miami recovered from the removal of the Concachampions after the fall before the Monterrey Mexican and won against Sporting Kansas City by 3 to 2, in a match that he managed to turn around since it had seemed elusive and that thanks to the brushstrokes of his talents he managed to move forward.

The expectation for the match against Lionel Messi He took Sporting out of Children’s Mercy Park with capacity for just over 18,000 spectators and moved it to Arrowhead, the NFL temple where the champions Kansas City Chiefs play, which looked populated, although not as crowded as when Patrick Mahomes (present in the stadium) plays. stadium) and company.

A total of 72,610 people came to the place to live their “Messi experience.” Two of them even threw themselves on the playing field to try to make contact and “selfie” with the 10, a situation that put the security men and the Argentine’s personal guard to work.

Six minutes later the visit suffered its first setback. The ball belonged to Inter Miami but a loss of Marcelo Weigandt In a setback it was essential for the local team to open the scoring. Tim Leibold stole the ball – the former Boca claimed a foul – and it was not difficult for him to face the unprotected area. The play advanced to the right, from where the German Erik Thommy He took a shot that went under goalkeeper Callender’s right corner.

One of the fans who risked entering the field for a photo with Messi. AFP Photo

The tie came thanks to Messi. Not because he was the scorer of the goal, but because of a masterful assist. With the eyes in the back of his head, the man from Rosario saw Diego Gomez free entering diagonally and made a great pass for the Paraguayan to finish before the goalkeeper came out, who stretched out with his leg but couldn’t even deflect it.

As it was, the first half ended with no differences on the scoreboard. A free kick from Messi that passed very close to the right post and a great finish from Tomás Avilés in the area to prevent the Frenchman Remi Walter from finishing at point-blank range with poor Callender having no chance.

At the start of the second half, Luis Suárez warned that he was in the game and took a shot that ended up in the goalkeeper’s hands. Messi, very active and connected to the work of the midfielders, tried to recover but the poor condition of the grass did not help when it came to passing and circulation. The 10th had his great reward when he scored the temporary 2-1, a bomb from outside the area that went over the opponent’s 1st.

However, Tata Martino’s team did not get used to the advantage and they immediately tied the score. Once again it was Thommy who was in charge of signaling the 2-2, this time taking a volley ball and hitting it against a post. There was little left and it seemed that Inter was extending its joyless streak.

All with Messi, who assisted in the first and made the second. Photo: AFP

With the entry of Benjamin Cremaschi, Inter had the explosion that they had not shown practically in the entire game. The American midfielder but son of Argentines, who returned after surgery for an inguinal hernia at the beginning of the year, infected the team.

With 15 minutes remaining, a defensive error caused by the pressure on the start allowed Luis Suárez to score the final 3-2. The Paraguayan Gómez blocked defender Tim Leibold, won and entered the area to assist the Pistolero from the side, who with great timing pushed under the goal and scored without problems.

With some flashes from Messi, Inter Miami was able to take three points that return to victory after three games, which are five if you count the two defeats by Concachampions. With this result, he once again leads the Eastern Conference in a tournament in which he will seek to be a cheerleader until the end.

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