A bully Ryan García loses on the scale against Devin Haney

▲ The rivalry between the two boxers was present at the weighing ceremony. Haney went up with a Mexican flag in open provocation to García, who has that ancestry and failed to overcome the scale, exceeding the limit of the super lightweight category by 1.4 kilos. In the center, promoter and former champion Oscar De La Hoya tries to calm down. Photo courtesy of Golden Boy Promotion


La Jornada Newspaper
Saturday April 20, 2024, p. a10

New York., Ryan García, one of the current boxing media figures, lost the opportunity to compete for the super lightweight title of the World Boxing Council (WBC). At a stage in which he has been seen more focused on arguing than prioritizing his career, the American boxer will get into the ring, face the champion Devin Haney, and if he wins, he will not be able to take the scepter from his compatriot. of the.

There was a time when Ryan was a better boxer than Haney. Devin himself recognizes it, although he realizes that 10 years have passed since that. It was the beginning of a rivalry between two boxers, then amateurs, who faced each other six times and shared victories. Now they are both professionals. Haney (31-0 with 15 knockouts) is one of the best in the world.

The former undisputed lightweight champion rose through the ranks last year and took the super lightweight title in a dominant debut.

García, of Mexican parents, follows a different path. His erratic behavior in public and on social media meant that the fight the two will fight tonight at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn does not serve as a barometer of how prepared or interested he was.

After exceeding the category limit by 1.4 kilos, you can forget about the belt.

Before the fight, García spent a lot of time talking about conspiracy theories, religion, celebrities and, occasionally, boxing.

The excess was such that it seemed like there was no way I was spending enough time in the gym.

Garcia had insisted that he was not only serious, but better than Haney, whom he considered a mediocre fighter. Ryan’s speech not only stayed there, he also dished out insults against the Mexican Isaac Pitbull Cruz, who recently won the World Boxing Association (WBA) super lightweight title. He said he could knock him out in five rounds.

Despite everything, the conduct of García (24-1 with 20 knockouts) has made Haney say he is more determined to win.

This is not an easy fight, but I will make it seem that way, Haney commented at a weigh-in ceremony in which he carried a Mexican flag with the sole desire to poke the crest of García, who does have ancestry.

It is a rivalry that has soured over time. The two faced off in Las Vegas before the Super Bowl. And during the week of the fight, Haney angrily pushed Garcia.

If Haney loses, the sash will be vacant.

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