1st Fulda Judo Club shines at SV Schmalkalden 04 International Easter Tournament with Multiple Medals

1st Fulda Judo Club shines at SV Schmalkalden 04 International Easter Tournament with Multiple Medals

Schmalkalden (pm/cb) – A total of eight judokas from the 1st Fulda Judo Club took part in the SV Schmalkalden 04 International Easter Tournament this year. All eight were able to win medals – one gold, three silver and five bronze were Fulda’s strong results. Lara Schäfer won the gold medal in the U21 age group. 230 athletes from 41 clubs competed last Saturday in the U13 to U21 age groups to secure the coveted medals at the Thuringian Judo Association’s ranking tournament.

SV Schmalkalden 04 once again organized a very well organized and strong tournament. First of all, the fights in the U13 and U15 age groups started in the morning. Max Schlaudraff and Maximilian Michel showed a strong competition in the U15 age group (-55 kilograms). Schlaudraff initially started the tournament with a bye before fighting his way to the final with victories against Oskar Winkler (JSV Stotternheim) and Paul Schmidt (Judozentrum Heubach). In the final he found no means against Viktor Baladin (TSV Bad Kissingen) and had to admit defeat. He took a great second place. Maximilian Michel also lost to eventual tournament winner Viktor Baladin (TSV Bad Kissingen) after a bye. In the subsequent consolation round, Michel safely secured a bronze medal with victories against Julius Reuken (JC Jena), Kyryllo Romanenko (SV 1883 Schwarza) and Paul Schmidt (Judozentrum Heubach). A strong performance by the two people from Fulda in one of the busiest weight classes of the day.

Ivan Fedorenko (U15, -46 kilograms) and Marharyta Sharova (U13, -44 kilograms) also won silver medals. Federenko won against Mark Sumkins (Kodokan Erfurt), Simon Schreiber (SV 1883 Schwarza) and Maximilian Dietsch (SV Schmalkalden 04) and only had to admit defeat to Jan Müller (Judozentrum Heubach) in the final. Sharova won against Helene Lieske (Erfurt Judo Club) and lost to Skyla Hertwig (PSV Erfurt). Bronze medals were secured by Adrian Schenkel (U13, over 55 kilograms) and Lea Rudolphi (U15, -52 kilograms) with one win each and Julian Fabel (U13, -40 kg).

The highlight from Fulda’s perspective was Lara Schäfer in the U21 age group in the afternoon. Schäfer, who would have been the only participant in the -63 kilogram weight class and would have received the gold medal without a fight, switched to the next higher weight class -70 kilograms. Despite weighing ten kilograms less than her opponents, she once again showed her dominance and won safely against Lisa Hande (TSV 1883 Benshausen) and Magdalena Turbiasz (KSV Budokan Heiligenstadt). Schäfer truly deserved the gold medal.

Also starting in the afternoon was Paul Eisenkrätzer (U18, -60 kilograms), who was able to contribute another bronze medal to Fulda’s success after a victory over Fatih Bayir (PSV Erfurt).

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