Zion Williamson Commits to Bringing Magic Back to the NBA All-Star Dunk Contest

The All-Star dunk contest is at a crossroads. It still holds magical nights and moments like those of yesteryear but, in general, it has lost much of its appeal. Recovering it depends on several factors that point in opposite directions. The best dunks in the world aren’t in the NBA, so one option is to bring those specialists to All-Star Weekend to bring the art of the dunk to the forefront. The other, more aligned with his tradition since his first days in the ABA, is for the league’s media stars to participate again.

One of the main faces of the new generation of matadors is Zion Williamson. A highlight walking towards iron from his earliest adolescence. He and Ja Morant were one day called upon to save the All-Star Dunk Contest. But the possibility of their attendance has not even been seriously rumored. Until yesterday. «I have to do my part. “If I go to the All-Star, I go to the dunk contest,” The Pelicans man said shyly. at a press conference.

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an old promise

Now far from the buzz that surrounded him when he landed in the NBA, Williamson is taking flight alongside some Pels who are flying under the radar. His numbers are not those of the two seasons in which he was selected All-Star (2021 and 2023, although last year he missed it due to injury). However, his game has taken a very important leap in how he selects his actions and in how he is able to stop himself and make the best decision in those dazzling runs into the paint.

Zion, who answers the question as though he regrets what he is about to say, does not specify the validity of his commitment. In fact, he would be bold to give it absolute validity. But, at least, it’s worth knowing that the idea is in his head. Who knows if this has a drag effect for Ja Morant to accompany him in the 2025 All-Star.

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