USA, today is Super Tuesday. Trump wins in court. the Court: «he can run»

Just 24 hours before millions of Americans went to vote in primaries in 16 states and the Territory of Samoa, the Supreme Court of Washington presented an opinion yesterday morning that was in favor of Donald Trump. In a unanimous decision, both conservative and liberal justices agreed that no state in the Union has the right to strike the former president’s name from ballots. The nine judges were responding to an appeal by Trump who had been excluded from the ballots in the states of Colorado and Maine on the basis of the 14th Amendment, which prohibits the candidacy for federal offices of people who, despite having sworn allegiance to the Constitution, are guilty of insurrection. The Court explained that such a choice can only be made by a vote of Congress, and that a single state cannot be allowed to decide whether or not to admit a candidate. Trump hailed the decision as “a great victory for America”, and voters went to the polls and were able to vote for him even in the two states that had expelled him.


It will still take hours, if not days, to know the precise outcome of this Super Tuesday, given that consultations are held across six time zones. But we can already give you the result: Joe Biden he won for the Democrats and Donald Trump for the Republicans. There is no mystery as to who will win the party’s nomination. In November, unless some cataclysm occurs in one of the two camps, we will see a rematch of the 2020 elections, Trump against Biden. The fact remains that both have highlighted serious problems, and that public opinion – as various polls reveal – would prefer not to have to vote for one or the other. For the Republican Party, the uncertainty became evident when the challenger Sunday Nikki Haley he won the primaries of the District of Columbia, i.e. the city of Washington. Haley won 63% of the vote to Trump’s 33%, securing all 19 available delegates and thus also becoming the first woman to win a Republican presidential primary.

His statement ended Trump’s string of victories and confirmed that the former president’s grip on the Republican Party is not total. In previous primaries, for example, Haley took 43 percent of the vote in New Hampshire and 40 percent in her home state of South Carolina, minorities substantial enough for her to say there is “widespread hesitancy” about Trump.

Nikki is unlikely to win any more primaries today, and it’s possible she’ll throw in the towel after this Super Tuesday. But you’re not sure, because after all, you continue to raise money in spades, and a group of moderate Republicans has grown up around you who are asking you to stay in the race. For her part, Trump speaks very badly of the former ambassador to the UN, calling her a “bird brain” and does not even spare her family, a method of attack that is very popular with her very pugnacious base.


In the Democratic camp, with the polls continuing to give Joe Biden three-four points behind Trump, the real challenger is called the “blank ballot”. In imitation of what happened in Michigan, where 100,000 Democrats chose to vote “uncommitted” to protest against Biden’s commitment to Israel, this pro-Palestinian opposition could also appear in Minnesota, despite the fact that in recent days the Administration has spoken out more harshly towards Netanyahu’s government, and has associated itself with the air aid mission to the population of Gaza.

But perhaps more than the results of today’s consultations, the State of the Union speech on Thursday evening will define the rest of Biden’s campaign. Even Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have contacted him with advice on how to conduct the appointment, in the certainty that Americans will follow him to try to deduce from his speech, behavior and resistance whether he is capable of continuing as president for another four years , or whether he is not really too weakened by age.


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