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Super Tuesday is part of the United States electoral process and its importance lies in defining the finalists for the presidential candidacies of the Democratic and Republican parties.

This period begins the electoral race that will culminate on November 5 with the country’s presidential election.

What is Super Tuesday?

On Tuesday, March 5, 874 Republican Party delegates will elect the presidential candidate, while 1,439 of the 3,934 delegates will vote for the Democrats.

Tomorrow they will only vote in 14 of the 50 states in the country, among which are:

CaliforniaTexasAlabamaArkansasColoradoMaine MassachusettsMinnesotaCarolina del NorteOklahoma TennesseeUtahVermontVirginia

Who will the delegates vote for?

Delegates from the 14 states on Super Tuesday must vote for their party’s presidential candidate.

In the Democrats it is outlined:

Joe Biden, president of the countryDean Philips, representative in Congress from MinnesotaMarianne Williamson, speaker and activist

According to Forbes figures, Biden has an advantage with 206 delegates, but even if he won all the votes on Super Tuesday, he would not gather the 1,968 for the Democratic candidacy.

For their part, Republicans will vote for:

Donald Trump, former president of the countryNikki Haley, former US ambassador to the United Nations

Like Biden, Trump could not win the candidacy this Tuesday, having 244 delegates and winning all of them, he would not reach the 1,215 that are needed to be a candidate.

Why are delegates important?

Delegates are a key factor in United States elections, as they are the ones who choose the country’s presidential candidate. However, delegates will also vote on other important aspects of the country’s politics.

The ballot will not only contain the presidential candidates, but also the Senate, as well as the United States Congress for the 25th and 36th Districts; in addition to the first chair of the superior court of justice; representatives from districts 2, 3 and 4 of the Imperial County Board of Supervisors, as well as the heads of divisions 2 and 4 of the Imperial Irrigation District (IID).

Also, a vote will be taken on proposal 1 regarding the authorization of 6.38 billion in bonds to build mental health treatment facilities for people with mental health and substance use problems; provides accommodation to homeless people.

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