University students in Kobe, Japan causing chaos at accommodations: A closer look into the badminton club’s misconduct.

University students in Kobe, Japan riot at accommodations
“There have been a lot of bad rumors about the badminton club for a long time.”
The university “disposes of students based on the results of the investigation”

↑ Kobe University badminton club students are causing trouble at a Japanese inn / Photo = X Capture

When the story of students from a prestigious university in Japan causing a disturbance at a lodging establishment became known, they were met with criticism from the country’s citizens.

According to Japanese local media on the 22nd, members of Kobe University’s badminton club ‘Bad Boys’ recently went on a rampage at the inn where they were staying, damaging windows and spraying kimchi soup on the walls.

On the 18th (local time), a post was posted on Social Network Service (SNS)

Author A, who identified himself as a student at Kobe University, said, “The club members in question committed nuisance acts such as damaging the items in the lodging establishment or tearing down the sliding doors.” He added, “It is soon the club recruitment season, and I am writing this because I think it would be good for new students to know. “I do it,” he said.

In the photo, club members are damaging the windows that were blocked with weatherstripping, making holes in the window paper, and showing their faces.

Also, while doing a henggarae (an act of throwing a person up and back), the person hit the ceiling and large holes were created in various places.

There were red kimchi soup splatters everywhere on the walls.

The video of this act went viral on social media, and the voices of students laughing as they looked at the wall ruined with kimchi soup were also captured.

According to the author, this club is a large group with up to 80 members.

In an interview with the media, this current student said, “It has the character of a friendly gathering with a noisy atmosphere rather than a rigid sports club feel,” and “(In the past), there were many people who got dragged out for causing trouble while drinking.”

He added, “In the past, people urinated through the windows of inns or covered tatami mats with vomit,” and added, “There were bad rumors about people being banned from entering bars.”

Kobe University, aware of the controversy, issued a notice on the 19th saying, “Inappropriate acts committed by students at our school are being posted on social media. “We deeply apologize for causing inconvenience to those involved,” he said, adding, “We will prevent such incidents from happening in the future.”

He also said, “We will listen to statements from students and review dispositions based on the results of the investigation.”

It is reported that the lodging facility that suffered damage is currently negotiating with students to compensate for the damage.

Netizens who heard the story said, “This is a criminal case involving damage to property and obstruction of business. They responded negatively, such as “They should be made to properly pay for their sins,” “They should be made to study properly before going out into society with a criminal record and financial compensation,” and “They should be expelled from school and made to kneel and apologize to the inn employees.”

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