Ugo Humbert after his title in Dubai: “I wonder how far I can go”

“How do you analyze this final against Alexander Bublik and your ability to always be present in this type of meeting?
I was very calm from start to finish. I had a very good state of mind. I remained very positive even if I made a few mistakes. I try to do my best every time. It’s never easy. You must maintain control of yourself in key moments. This is the hardest thing to do in tennis.

You’re six out of six in the final, it’s impressive…
I have a great state of mind every time I play a final. I manage to be very present. Today, at first, I’m stressed but I try to show it as little as possible. I’m trying to find a solution to come out on top because I think that’s what drives me the most, winning trophies. These are milestone weeks and important times because I get to celebrate with the people I love.

“The top 15 is yet another level, it’s more and more exciting”

To what extent does winning this tournament, with a complicated draw, give you confidence?
It sure gives me a lot of confidence. I have played great players here. Gaël (Monfils), (Andy) Murray, they are not easy players to beat. Then two top 10 (Hurkacz and Medvedev) and Bublik in the final. I really developed good tennis, from the first round to the final. I’m going to try to put all that back on the court during my next tournament.

You have just won two titles in three weeks, you will enter the top 15 (14th) on Monday, is that a new accomplishment?
I also owe it to my whole team, we do an incredible job, everyone brings their little thing to make me feel good and that’s why I feel so solid and why I can repeat it every week. The top 15 is still a new level, it’s more and more exciting, I wonder how far I can go (laughs). If I continue to do the job like this, maybe I will be even better. That’s great. »


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