Tony Parker Speaks Out on ASVEL’s Sporting and Economic Challenges

Par Johan Beausergent

Published yesterday at 2:14 p.m., Updated yesterday at 2:36 p.m.

Tony Parker in Paris, during the All Star France and All Star World match on December 30, 2024. Federico Pestellini / Federico Pestellini / Panoramic

In an interview published by the newspaper L’Équipe, Tony Parker returned to the difficulties of the Rhone club, addressing the sporting and economic aspects.

While ASVEL hosts AS Monaco this Thursday, March 28 at the LDLC Arena, the owner of the Rhone club answered some questions on the state of his club.

First of all on the sporting aspect, the former Spurs is not alarmed by his ranking in Betclic Elite. “We do what we have to do while being behind Monaco”. However, ASVEL number 1 is not satisfied with the overall project and “the enthusiasm on our networks, which have never reached such a level of commitment”.

On the Euroleague side, despite another season at the bottom of the table, TP recalls that its club is “one of the smallest budgets” of the competition, “you have to give time, develop without burning your wings”. Without going into detail, Tony Parker casts doubt on the situation of a payment of 5 million euros that sponsor Skweek would not have paid to the club.

“I received a lot of support”

Criticized for his authoritarian attitude, culminating in a season with a double coaching dismissal (his brother TJ Parker in October, and Gianmarco Pozzecco in January), the leader does not tremble. “Look at the history over the last 10 years, the titles, the Euroleague license, the academy of the new room…” he indicates before claiming to have received “lots of support” following Pozzecco’s dismissal.

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