Tony Parker on Being the Best Point Guard in the NBA: Rings Speak Louder Than Words

By Pierre-Andréa Fraile | Sports journalist

Best French player in history, Tony Parker is also for many one of the most illustrious leaders to have graced the NBA floor. In 2007, he also gave a very specific opinion about his position in the hierarchy of his position.

While waiting to know where Victor Wembanyama’s career will take him, he seems to be able to rest easy. Barring an improbable scenario, Tony Parker should retain his status as the best French basketball player in history for a few more years. But if his position in this ranking is not really in doubt, the mark he left in the NBA seems more open to debate.

Indeed, despite four championship titles, six All-Star Game selections and a Finals MVP trophy obtained on site in particular, TP was not included in the league’s 75th Anniversary Team. A snob who at the time provoked the frustration of some of his peers and which perhaps testifies to a certain lack of recognition that he would deplore there. He himself has already spoken on this subject.

Tony Parker bluntly on the debate of the best point guard in the NBA

Among the most memorable seasons of his NBA career, the 2006-07 campaign remains one of the most symbolic for Parker. It was after all at the end of the latter that he was named MVP of the Finals. And yet, at the time, his name remained surprisingly out of the discussion of the best point guard in the league. An observation to which he reacted in a brilliant way in comments reported by Greg Boeck of USA TODAY :

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Tony Parker : When people talk about the best point guards in the league, sometimes they tend to forget me. But that’s not my main motivation. They can talk all they want about Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, Deron Williams and Chris Paul. I’m always the one with the most rings out of everyone.

A statement which was a little more verified in the days that followed.

By winning its third championship title that year, TP9 further highlighted Jason Kidd, Steve Nash and Chris Paul. Moreover, to date, the three of them only have one ring together, compared to four for the former French international. A nice snub addressed to those who are still ahead of him in most of the all-time leaderboard rankings drawn up these days.

The question then arises of the influence of collective results in the establishment of such hierarchies. Often mentioned as one of the best players in history at his position, Chris Paul has never lifted a Larry O’Brien trophy in his career. Does Parker therefore deserve a better place than him? Everyone will have their own opinion on this subject.

When some fans were arguing about the best NBA point guard in 2007, Tony Parker preferred to stay focused on the title race. It was a good thing for him, as it allowed him to win two additional championship rings later.

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