Theis Open to Team-Up with Schröder in Braunschweig

“With Dennis, the connection with Braunschweig is a little bigger, he is the owner of the team. Maybe if he makes a good offer for us to play together, then nothing can be ruled out,” said the 31-year-old professional from the NBA club Los Angeles Clippers in the “ran” interview.

Theis and world champion captain Schröder once went basket hunting together in Braunschweig. Theis emphasized: “First of all, my goal is to stay in the NBA for a few more years.”

Theis is fighting for playing time with the Clippers

In the North American professional league, Theis moved from the Indiana Pacers in November, where he did not play a major role despite the World Cup title, to title contender Los Angeles. “I’m part of a team that is definitely playing for the championship,” said the national player, who has to fight hard for his playing time with the Clippers: “Recently there have been games where you maybe play a little more want. But that’s all part of it. We have an incredibly deep squad, we have a goal that we want to achieve. And you just have to put your personal agendas aside.”

But the center plays a central role in the national team. Theis revealed that he is in regular contact with national coach Gordon Herbert about the preparation for the Olympic Games. Taking part in the Olympics was “always a big goal” of his.

2024-03-08 16:51:00
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