The NFL’s Bold Plan: Extending the Season to 18 Games?

More football games on RTL soon?

NFL plans crazy season extension!

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March 4, 2024 at 8:48 am

The NFL season is over – now it’s time to wait and see…

It won’t be until August that the leather egg will finally fly again in the NFL. To shorten the waiting time for all of us, the NFL is planning a spectacular rule change.

The football season should be longer!

NFL: greed or desire for more football?

It wasn’t until 2021 that the NFL season was increased to 17 games per regular season. Just three years later another game will be added. According to US sports broadcaster NBC, the NFL wants to extend its season to a whopping 18 games.

Many experts accuse the league of greed. The main reason why the extension is criticized: the safety of the players. More games also means a higher risk of injury.

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Part of the plan is to start the season a week earlier than usual, training camps should be extended and an additional break week per team should be established. The NFL wants to guarantee the safety of its professionals despite the higher load.

A tightrope act between money and player safety begins! It is still unclear when the NFL plans to extend the season.

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The NFL season is over, now it’s time to dance!

For Jana Wosnitza, “Let’s Dance” is a “great honor”

NFL expert predicts 20 games per season

NFL insider Mike Florio even assumes that the NFL season could soon consist of 20 games. The expert: “So soon we will have 18 NFL games in the regular season. We also have two preseason games. The signs are good that the NFL wants to establish a gigantic 20-game season and simply cancel the preseason.”

Florio continued: “At the beginning the players and team will demonstrate. But give in quickly and follow the call of money. Because: There is a crazy demand for NFL football!”

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