The Evolution of the Columérin Club: A Success Story in Judo

What is your view on the evolution of the Columérin club?

I arrived at the club in 2010 when I moved to Colomiers. I was then treasurer for 4 years before taking over as president at the end of 2017. Over the last few years, we have driven real development while retaining the fundamentals that have been its foundation since its creation in 1958: the family and friendly side. Following Covid, we felt a real crisis in volunteering, which is why we carried out in-depth work allowing us to organize ourselves into committees. We have seen many projects come to fruition: the creation of the taiso course, the establishment of judo cycles in the city’s schools, participation in days such as World Cleanup Day, humanitarian projects with the donation of kimonos towards a club in Senegal or even offering our members numerous events to recreate links. This year, we have more than 420 licensees and we find ourselves in the top three of the biggest clubs in Occitanie.

Your club is a provider of medals and many great performances on a national and regional scale. How do you explain it?

And even on an international scale with our valiant veteran team which very regularly brings us medals from the four corners of the world. But these successes are only the tip of the iceberg. Our club, through the work of its technical director Christophe Bozzo and his team of qualified teachers, is above all a training club which welcomes children from 3 years old for baby judo.

Our objective is not to “create champions” but to train complete judokas, fulfilled and responsible citizens by integrating into training, from a very young age, the values ​​represented by the moral code of our sport.

Yesterday you organized the traditional Coupe de Colomiers. A word about this event?

This competition is now a major event with the reception of more than 25 clubs representing more than 600 judokas from 4 to 18 years old on the day. Beyond the competition, it was a real celebration where all the volunteers of our club met: from the youngest and youngest who provided refereeing to the parents who largely contributed to the organization, including the judokas. adults and taiso practitioners who supervised the competition and masterfully ran our famous refreshment bar. This is one of the highlights of the life of our club.

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