The Eras Tour: A Season of NFL Pause for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

The Eras Tour and the season of NFL They’re on pause, so there’s nothing stopping Taylor Swift already Travis Kelce to live the great life in different places around the world, with the satisfaction of mission accomplished. She has one of the most successful concert tours of all time, while he boasts his third Super Bowl ring.

However, Every excess has its consequences and both of them are already noticing the extra pounds. after practically ‘bingeing’ in every city or country they have visited on their romantic getaway, from Australia until Singapore and then in the Bahamas islandswhere they stayed in the famous and exclusive rental house in Harbor Island known as $15,000 per night Rosalita House and in which they had butler service, gym, swimming pool and various amenities.

Last Wednesday a new episode of the podcast “New Heights” what are you doing Kelce with his brother Jason and in which they always have a third guest and in him Travis talked about who can drink moreto which the center in retreat Philadelphia He answered that they are already in the same weight class referring to the excesses What the Super Bowl champion has experienced with the Kansas City Chiefs in the last days. Of course, They both laughed in the company of their guest Saquon Barkleyrunning back for the NY Giants.

They stayed properly ‘hydrated’

Travis has “been drinking more than in recent weeks”said Jason Kelce and he is right to make that statement, because in every photo that the paparazzi have taken in every place the famous couple visited, They were seen with drinks in their hands in the sea, and even on land, where the constant visits to the bar They were part of his daily life.

They are already paying for their ‘madness’

Even though they let their hair down, A couple of days ago Swift and Kelce were seen at the DogPound gym in West Hollywood after his vacation and after his last binge at the Nobu restaurant in Malibu where they ate lobster salad and a couple of sushi rolls.

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