The Doumbé vs. Chamsoudinov Fiasco: How a Splinter Stopped the Fight

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By Mathieu S. | NBA Editor

The shock turned into a flop. The fight between Cédric Doumbé and Baysangur Chamsoudinov was stopped this Thursday evening… because of a simple splinter. And Internet users are convinced that they have found the culprit.

While fans were hoping for a huge fight, the clash between Cédric Doumbé and Baysangur Chamsoudinov was ultimately a failure. After a few attempts, the first person complained of a piece of splinter in his foot which was bothering him. He asked the referee to be able to remove him to continue the fight normally, which the official simply refused, giving the victory to Baki.

Tony Parker is making the buzz… for the wrong reason!

A lunar stage for a main event and a huge mess for the PFL, which sees its image tarnished after such a fiasco. The fans are obviously angry, to the point that a rematch is already being discussed behind the scenes to make up for all this. Doumbé was obviously in shock at the referee’s decision.

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How did a splinter get there? You’ll have to ask the PFL, but inviting people in street clothes into the cage before the fight certainly didn’t help. Among them ? Tony Parker, heavily whistled by part of the room this Thursday. Internet users were quick to accuse the Frenchman of having brought the splinter with his shoes.

No one knows who is responsible for all this, but the PFL loses big after such a fiasco. Removing this splinter to continue this huge fight would have been the simplest solution, but the referee decided otherwise.

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