The Crucial Match for Our Future: Coach Priftis’ Curiosity and Confidence Ahead of Trento Showdown

“With Trento we are playing a crucial match for our future and I am very curious to understand how we will respond after two weeks of work.”

Coach Priftis’ curiosity is also that of all the red and white fans who will fill the PalaBigi this evening to push Vitali and his teammates towards victory.

The Pallacanestro Reggiana coach responds with his usual availability to questions and looks to the future, but gets very nervous about the ‘flashback’ inherent to the elimination with Napoli in the Final Eight of the Italian Cup, unfortunately played with one less foreigner.

Coach Priftis, how is Black’s adjustment going?

“We included him because we had been playing with one player less for a few weeks and it is an aspect that we paid for especially in the semi-final against Napoli, after Faye and Chillo’s exit due to fouls. He is in a bad condition (literal ‘bad condition’, ed) because it has been stopped for several months and therefore we will have to use it in an intelligent way and put it in the best conditions to express itself”.

In your words we still notice a certain regret for the semi-final lost against Napoli, is that right?

“Why didn’t you ask me this question after the victory against Venezia, after the defeat against Brescia or the success against Virtus in the Cup? Having regrets means that we did something wrong…”.

It was you who said that you paid for the absence of a player. In any case, they are very different situations (the Final Eight is played practically every 24 hours), but let’s get to the point: do you think the time needed to replace Hervey was longer than necessary and penalized you?

“This question is even worse than the previous one, but the answer is no. Let’s move on.”

Let’s focus on the present, do you have everyone available or are there any physical problems?

“We have some ailments, but all things that need to be managed. We should be at full strength and the fact of playing at home is certainly an opportunity to exploit because we have more chances and it’s not me who says it, but the results. In short, we have to win.”

Who could be the most dangerous men in Trento? “They have a complete team and a deep roster and despite not coming from a good period, they also played some good games, some lost with a pinch of bad luck. Coming to the individuals, I would say that Baldwin and Hubb are certainly two very important players as well as Grazulis. We will have to be good, in particular, at limiting their games to two.”

Francesco Pioppi

2024-03-02 08:54:15
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