The Clippers Struggle with Leadership: Paul Pierce Speaks Out

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By Adiel Kalonji | NBA Editor

Heavily criticized at the start of the season, the Clippers were able to reverse the trend by obtaining better results and making several tactical adjustments. However, Paul Pierce still finds several things to complain about, particularly about the hierarchy of this team.

By trading for James Harden At the start of the season, the Clippers caused a real tidal wave on the NBA planet as we witnessed one of the biggest gatherings of superstars in history. But while many people saw this operation as doomed to failure after a complicated start, the Californians were able to get back on track and are now among the leaders.

Currently 4th in the West, the franchise has managed to reach this position thanks in particular to the sacrifice of Russell Westbrook, who asked to come off the bench to create balance. But victim of a broken hand, The Brodie has been forced to abandon this squad for several weeks, which is still bloated but unable to find a real leader according to the recent comments of Paul Pierce:

Russell Westbrook absent, the Clippers tackled by Paul Pierce

They don’t have leadership right now, with Westbrook missing. People don’t understand how important Westbrook is to this team, who is the voice, you have leadership on the sideline, but you know you have to have leadership in the locker room, in the game, on the bench . Westbrook, since he fell, think about it, who is going to say something?

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With all due respect to Kawhi, Paul George and Harden, they don’t have as loud a voice as Westbrook in the locker room. He is the one who is the most passionate, the most energetic… Paul George says: “We don’t play with desire, we don’t play with the heart. “And every time we see Westbrook play, that’s what he brings.

It’s never easy to create cohesion in a team full of superstars like this. Very often, the lack of offensive inventiveness was pointed out by observers during Voiliers matches. Very often, the talent of each person was enough to defeat the adversaries, but Paul George insisted on this search for identity some time ago.

I mean that’s what we look like, which is not good. We want to be a cohesive team and we want to find our identity. I’ve always talked about having an identity and I think it’s extremely important. At the moment, I don’t think we have one of our own.

The Brodie is expected to make its return next week. Thus, the problems encountered recently will perhaps be resolved.

Since the injury absence of Russell Westbrook, the Clippers have shown some limits in their game. According to Paul Pierce, this is due to the lack of leadership in this team that only the star leader would always possess.

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