The Clark Phenomenon: Caitlin Clark Revolutionizing Women’s Basketball

“We have never seen a woman play like that.”. It is the definition that makes Rebecca Loboformer WNBA player, Olympic champion with the USA in Atlanta 96 and current ESPN analyst, Caitlin Clark. Lobo is just one of the millions of people who are impacted by the greatest phenomenon of women’s basketball in the world.

Caitlin Clark makes it from the logo to be the top scorer in NCAA history

If we try to do a list of the merits acquired by Clark in his career in the NCAA, the article would go on almost to infinity. He has been winning a multitude of individual awards for years for his play in the University League. But its dimension reached extraordinary heights on February 16 when she became the best female scorer in NCAA historysurpassing the Kelsey Plumand became a global icon last Sunday when he left behind a myth like Pete Maravich to lead the historical university classification in points. Of boys and girls. The achievement is enormous because Plum was a compulsive scorer and Maravich… well, suffice it to say that its limit had been in force and unbeaten since 1970. “It’s crazy. If someone had told me to do this before starting my career“I would have laughed in his face and called him crazy,” said the player after her feat.

It’s crazy. If someone had told me to do this before starting my career, I would have laughed in their face and called them crazy.

global phenomenon

Born on January 22, 2002 in Des Moines (Iowa, that’s why I chose the Hawkeyes), This 1.83 base has revolutionized the world of basketball. To put it in context, His imminent arrival to professionalism is reminiscent of the impact of players like LeBron James in his day, or more recently Victor Wembanyama. It is to girls what both are to boys. And they are in a similar dimension.

Clark has been able to turn Iowa games into massive eventsvery followed on TV, with data that has not been given since 2010 such as 10 million viewers who saw the final last year, but also live to ‘sold out’ home games at Carver-Hawkeye Arena, and also in which he acts as a visitor. The expectation to see Clark is such that in the game against Ohio State in which he broke Maravich’s record and finished with 35 points, Tickets worth $408 ended up reaching a resale price of $5,199..

After breaking the women’s NCAA scoring record in February, His t-shirt became the best-selling in the history of university sports. on the Fanatics web portal. And he has already signed contracts with big companies like Nike, Gatorade or State Farm with which he shoots ads with sports stars like Jimmy Butler o Patrick Mahomes.

Multidimensional player

When Wolf said that we had not seen a woman like that, he meant, of course, to fundamentals like shooting. Her range is the longest ever seen in women’s basketball, and he is already compared to players like Stephen Curry or Damian Lillard. Clark, once he crosses the midfield line, is lethal. This season he has already made 88 baskets of 7.60 or more. In the last five years, the closest anyone has been to Clark is Sara Scalia who in 2021-22 achieved 51.

But it also refers to his pass. In fact, in the current NCAA he is the leader in points (32.2) and assists (8.7)., something he already did in his second year in the League. That ability to pass makes her a total attacking player. She is the sixth-highest assistant in NCAA history. and there is no player like her who is in the top 25 in points and assists. Clark is the first in NCAA Division I to reach at least 3,000 points and 1,000 assists in his career.

And of course to his leadership ability, to change the appearance of a team and to make his teammates better.

Now the objective, once the scoring limits have been exceeded, is to make Iowa champion for the first time in its history. Last year he came close when he lost in the finals to LSU. “There is a lot of season left, there are some very nice goals to achieve“said the Hawkeyes star.

But what the world is waiting for is his move to professionalism. Clark, who had the option of continuing one more year in the NCAA, She has already declared herself eligible for the WNBA Draft and will be, without a doubt, number 1. The Indiana Fever will surely be your next destination. There I already know They rub their hands over what he can do as a couple with Aliyah Boston.

This player whose father enrolled her at a very young age in a boys’ team because there were no girls’ team and made the team champion by protesting the parents of the other teams, is called to change women’s basketball. He is already doing it. It’s the Clark phenomenon.

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