Support Cults: 4 Ways to Help Maintain an Independent Platform

Support Cults: 4 Ways to Help Maintain an Independent Platform

💖 Would you like to support Cults?

You like Cults and want to help us Go on this independent adventure?Know that we are just one 3 small teamsso support us stay active and achieve future development Very simple. Here are 4 methods that work for everyone:

  • advertise: Disable your banner ad blocker (AdBlock, etc.) and click on our banner ads.

  • alliance: Click our Amazon affiliate link here to purchase online.

  • Donate: If you wish, you can donate via Ko-Fi💜.

  • Reputation: Invite your friends to explore the platform and browse the many great 3D files shared by the community!

onCults3DShare and downloadensures that the design remainsin the hands of the maker community!rather than those who haveCompetitive platform3D printing or softwareGiants, they use these designs to make moneyown business interests.

Cults3D is aAn independent, self-funded website not accountable to any investors or brands. Nearly all of the site’s revenue is returned to the platform’s creators.Content published on the websiteServes only the interests of the authors, not those of the 3D printer brands who wish to control the 3D modeling market.

2024-03-13 19:36:05
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