Rugby 7s: Antoine Dupont and the Blues beat Great Britain and qualify for the quarterfinals in Los Angeles

The Blues continue! Opposed to a team from Great Britain that it had already beaten twice in 2024, the French team won without shining (19-12) this Saturday in Los Angeles. Holder and author of a very good try against Canada on the night of Friday to Saturday, Antoine Dupont this time started on the bench, Jérôme Daret choosing to rotate his squad before the clash against Fiji. But the entry of the usual captain of the XV of France allowed the Blues to get out of a tricky match.

Indeed, after a sluggish start to the match and some good defensive interventions, the Tricolores gained momentum. Very present to convert the good work of Paulin Riva, author of a great breakthrough following a throw-in in the French camp, Stephen Parez did not tremble to register his 101st try in the blue jersey (7-0, 5th).

An advantage which did not last long for a French team hampered by the physical impact. More dangerous, the British were rewarded by Tom Emery’s try just before the break (7-5, 7th). Untransformed, it still allowed the Anglo-Saxon team to score its first points against France in 2024, while it had finished fanny during the first two duels this year.

Dupont lit up the meeting

Borrowed and imprecise, the Blues started the second half as badly as they finished the first, like the second English try, following a restart error (7-12, 9th). Fortunately, Andy Timo’s speed along the touchline allowed the French to regain their lead, the 19-year-old then converting his try (14-12, 10th).

Entering four minutes from the end of the match, Antoine Dupont wasted no time in lighting up the match. If his first opening was not exploited by Timo, the second, at the foot following a penalty played quickly, was converted by Nelson Épée (19-12, 13th).

Enough to allow Jérôme Daret’s men to validate their qualification for the quarter-finals, before a big test against the double Fijian Olympic champions, this Saturday evening (11:22 p.m.).


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